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Every brand in a competitive environment, no matter the size of the organization, uses paid search marketing from Google, Bing or Amazon in order to gain visibility for its products and services.  So more than any other medium, as a data source, paid search data is universally available for analysis and use.


But how can you get the most out of this data and from the channel itself?


How It Works
Paid search data is uniquely qualified – and quantified – to provide information beyond the medium itself.  Even traditionally structured campaigns can yield valuable metrics about searcher intent and levels of interest in one or another products or service offerings.  But when your search campaigns are targeted to address your markets both geographically, by time and by device – all at the keyword level – an amazing amount of data dimensions are available for deriving actionable intelligence.


And when you add other dimension-rich data from other prospect- and customer-facing data sources to your analytics framework?  Like augmenting paid search data with daily data pulls from organic search?  Or from consistent audience targeting on Facebook Ads or programmatic sources?  All synchronized with your Google Analytics data?


Well, magic happens!


Next Steps
We would be pleased to speak with you first about your business and marketing goals.  And then about how restructuring your paid search using our ListeningPost™ system and augmenting your current analytics with fresh views from a wide range of other data sources will generate greatly improved ROI and market intelligence.

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