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Remarketing data is another secondary or supporting data source, representing an audience or audiences who can be identified from having visited your site, engaged with your social media or who have similar characteristics or interests to those types of audiences.  It has many of the same dimensions as other performance data.

What To Know
Because it contains information about visitor behavior after the initial visit, remarketing data adds another layer of performance-related behavioral data to the original audience data.  Accordingly, it is contextually very rich and thus lends itself to refining image/caption testing.  Adivore® is integrated with remarketing networks such as AdWords, Bing, Criteo and Facebook Ads.

Getting Started
Our remarketing optimization services generate hyper-targeted remarketing campaigns that deliver unique audience insights as well as world class results. By creating remarketing segments based on a variety of behaviors, including pinpoint conversion funnel analyses of time, location and device, we build intelligent remarketing segments that deliver both extraordinary results and contextual data.