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Privacy-Compliant Marketing Software Clouds
Adworthy offers two fully integrated marketing software clouds, Wordivore® for content marketing and Adivore® for paid advertising optimization.

The hallmark of our optimization services is the 100% data-driven support that comes from our client analytics system, unique optimization software and process-driven methods. The precision output of these combined tools provide your paid advertisers and content marketers with exactly the actionable insights they will need to perform at the highest levels.

The Adivore® Cloud contains five fully-integrated paid advertising optimization applications. Like the Wordivore® applications they each draw on performance and campaign date that is updated daily from sources such as Google, Bing, DoubleClick, MediaMath, Amazon, Criteo and more.


Adivore® applications such as Alerts allow for very sophisticated management of paid search or paid social campaigns. With average ROI for the past 5 years exceeding 400%, Alerts has proven its worth in any industry for any size advertiser. Adivore® Segmenter is often overlooked but its behind-the-scenes data operations allow for the most granular targeting of niche audiences both for campaigns and for campaign-related content: ad copy and landing pages.


The ROI Dashboard from Adivore® provides some of the most comprehensive optimization analytics dimensions available, with over 5,000 native views updated daily. Users save the views and reports they use the most while having total access to paid advertising performance, organic search data, web analytics and other performance results. Adivore® Comms rounds out the reporting capability for the Cloud with C-Level narrative reporting a key feature of that software.

There are seven separate but fully integrated marketing software applications in the Wordivore® Cloud. They range from Propel, a comprehensive content marketing platform, to SEO, a standalone, process-driven SEO platform that is fully data-supported, to the unique content scoring algorithms contained in Scorer and Brand Perceptor. Performance analytics and reporting is provided by the Wordivore® Dashboard and Reportworthy®, for automated recurring weekly and monthly reporting with customizable graphics, narrative and KPI’s.


Like all Adworthy marketing cloud applications, the Wordivore® applications are delivered by MSaaS, managed software as a service, where Adworthy team members execute your content strategies while you oversee the various projects. With 24/7 access, MSaaS customers never lose sight of either the project status or the content performance.

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