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Non-PII Audience Targeting
& Measurement

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Data Integrations and ETL

Every day Adworthy’s Orchestrator platform mines fresh non-PII customer-centric keyword and image data from a wide range and variety of sources Including search engines, both Web and Retailer search, ad networks, customer reviews, email, forms, web chat, contact or call center logs and more.

Loaded into your brand’s data schema, this multichannel data arises from any type of customer, visitor or partner interaction with your brand and those attributes can be added to your CRM.

Segment Analysis & Micro Strategies

Once it has been cleaned and normalized, Orchestrator’s Analytics Processing Layer (APL) prepares the data for hand-off to the segmenting, keyword and image scoring and goal assignment engines for audience identification and final addition of relevant targeting and testing attributes.

Non-PII Audience Targeting

When targeting attributes have been scored and finalized, the next stop is the feed creation software for customization of channel-specific keyword or image feeds for distribution to content creators, campaign managers, channel partners and/or ad networks.

For content marketing and organic search audience targeting used for SEO, the updated data is passed through to the word scoring engines and recommendation engines for use in the Adworthy content editors and automated copy creation software applications. Or a customized feed is sent to your copywriters or their writing tools.

Privacy-Compliant Marketing Software Clouds

Adworthy offers two fully integrated marketing software clouds, Wordivore® for content marketing and Adivore® for paid advertising optimization.

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