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AaaS and you, perfect together

As the ad networks continue to expand the available data and native analytics functionality, marketers, already overwhelmed by the data “state of affairs” are going to turn to analytics specialists and tools outside the company.

Enter the world of “Analytics as a Service” where start-ups will provide analytics behind the scenes with dashboards optional and access infrequent. The number one considerations will be an understanding of the logic process supporting automated decision-making and the output (read that, ‘reporting’) flows. The rest will be handled for you by your AaaS provider… who will race to become THE trusted provider. It’s a perfect storm moment: the data has already been normalized; KPI’s standardized and costs per acquisition identified. Add network campaign data, watch the ROI meter like a ticker tape until your next meeting and get your performance reporting suite in the dimensions you need…

AaaS, coming soon to a cloud near you…

Scott Ellis
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