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How are we supposed to make sense of all the data, the analytics tools, the KPI’s and ROI requirements and actually decide something? Good question…

So what’s the answer?

Create a decision support framework like GMMAD, of course! This simple tool breaks down your decision process into 5 points:

  1. First determine the business Goal
  2. Then determine the Media
  3. And the specific metric(s) for Measurement
  4. Then Analysis of the results
  5. Finally, the Decision path to action

This framework can be used to decide on any goal using any media and any metric(s). To see an example of where Adworthy used GMMAD to help inform a client’s merchandise buyers not only on what products to buy but which warehouse to ship it to.

Contact us for a copy of our session presentation at the 2015 DMA Marketing Analytics Conference.

Scott Ellis
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