Adivore Merchant Alerts

Adivore® Merchant Alerts

Configurable optimization & intelligent alerts system for Product Listing Ads

The Adivore® performance optimization cloud contains two core products utilizing the Augmetrics™ Alerting Engine: Alerts and Merchant Alerts. While Adivore® Alerts can be used in a number of different advertising verticals, optimizing paid search campaigns for lead-gen, e-commerce and non-profit clients, Adivore® Merchant Alerts’ features and functionality focus solely on streamlining optimization for e-commerce clients running Product Listing Ads (PLA) campaigns on Google & Bing. Built from the ground up to support the highly demanding, metric sensitive e-commerce campaign managers, Merchant Alerts acts as an always-on 24/7 assistant that measures and alerts on product, brand and category performance based on criteria that you or your agency specify.

Why Adivore Merchant Alerts?

  • Mission critical actionable alerts for your Google & Bing Shopping Campaigns
  • Pinpoint category & brand opportunities to cut cost & make more money
  • Generate custom action lists and manage your workflow
Merchant Alerts Workflow

Adivore® Merchant Alerts can be put to use optimizing Product Listing Ads campaigns for both small, medium and enterprise level e-commerce and multi-channel retailers alike. Its intelligent, user definable and configurable alerts & actions platform is entirely self-sufficient with its own case management system or can be integrated directly into your existing workflow. Create PLA optimization alerts at the most granular product (sku) level or monitor & create alerts based on category & brand performance with applied lookback periods from a single, user-friendly interface.

Adivore® Merchant Alerts for Product Listing Ads not only includes a daily alerts & actions dashboard but also includes configurable daily alerts & actions email alerts sent to specified recipients within your or your client’s organization. Adivore® Merchant Alerts is an intelligent, user configurable alerts & actions system that is also integrated with the Adivore® Optimization Dashboard, making your actionable alerts content part of the main reporting stream.

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